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Jeff Brent - Guitar Teacher
California, USA

Electric Guitar
Beginner thru Advanced
Rock & Blues
( lead, shredding, slide, rhythm, tapping )
Jazz (rhythm, soloing), Country (soloing, rhythm)
Other styles include: Funk, R&B, Reggae, Salsa ...

Acoustic (steel-string) Guitar
Beginner thru Advanced
Fingerpicking, Country (flat-picking, rhythm),
Folk (rhythm, soloing), etc.

Nylon String Guitar
Beginner thru Advanced
Bossa Nova, Spanish, Fingerpicking ...


I have toured all over the world as a professional musician,
and am an author of these revolutionary books on Music Theory,
Guitar Fretboard Fingerings and Jazz Guitar Chords:

by Jeff Brent

9ths thru 13ths
Rootless 251 Soloing

The object of this book is to achieve, in the absolute shortest time possible, muscle memory mastery of the fingering gestures necessary to visualize and internalize the jazz arpeggios on guitar in order to facilitate playing them melodically.

128 pages


MODALOGY scales, modes & chords: the primordial building blocks of music

scales, modes & chords:
the primordial building
blocks of music

by Jeff Brent with Schell Barkley

Primarily a music theory reference, Modalogy presents a unique perspective on the origins, interlocking aspects, and usage of the most common scales and modes in occidental music.

The most important issues in the real-world functions of scales and modes are dealt with in meticulous detail. Logical illustrations accompany in-depth examinations of chordal harmonies, cadential motions, and progressions.

2011 / 240 pages
published by Hal Leonard Corp.

by Jeff Brent, Joe Bianco &
Gerhard Ersdal

As a thesaurus of chordal options available to the jazz
guitarist, this book is an in- depth study in fluid and
cohesive voice leading using drop voicings on major and
minor II-V-I progressions.

But for the drop voicings used to better accommodate
the guitar fretboard, the rootless chords in
are identical to the Bill Evans close voiced
system for piano.

2013 / 280 pages

FINGERING MASTERY scales & modes for the guitar fretboard


scales & modes for the guitar fretboard

by Schell Barkley with Jeff Brent

This guitar book is an in-depth study guide
for those who wish to further their understanding of
guitar scale fingerings in an intelligent and orderly manner.

All the essential western scales and modes are mapped out on the fretboard in easy-to-remember patterns that are perfectly logical, and - most importantly - 100% practical for ease of execution in performance.

2012 / 96 pages / Full-color


I am also a contributor to the best-selling jazz theory book
The Encyclopedia of Jazz Theory
for All Musicians

(Rawlins/Bahha 2005 Hal Leonard)



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