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Jeff Brent - Piano Teacher
California, USA
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In addition to teaching Jazz Piano at all levels,
I also teach the following Piano & Keyboard Styles:

Ragtime, Dixieland, Stride, Blues, Bebop, Rock, Funk, R&B, Salsa,
Honky-Tonk, Pop, C&W, Boogie, Reggae, Organ styles, Rhodes styles,
Accordion styles (Swiss, Tex-Mex, Cajun) and much more ...

Jeff Brent's jazz piano trio in concert!

I have toured all over the world as a professional musician.
I am the author of the music theory book
scales, modes & chords: the primordial
building blocks of music

Modalogy Book
(w/ S.Barkley)

and contributor to the best-selling bible of jazz theory
The Encyclopedia of Jazz Theory
for All Musicians

(both books published by Hal Leonard)

I am also the author of the jazz piano books

Jeff Brent's Jazz Piano Notebook
Jeff Brent's
Jazz Piano Notebook
Volume 4 of Scot Ranney's
"Jazz Piano Notebook Series"

Covers everything from the shape of the songs to tricks and licks used in improvised jazz lines to the ideas behind lush chord voicings.

Piano Rootless Drop-Voicing 251s
Piano Rootless
Drop-Voicing 251s

Drop-Voicings are presented to the jazz pianist in the context of both major and minor rootless
2-5-1 progressions,
with their altered dominants,
in all twelve keys.

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Hear me play Piano and Keyboards:

Jeff Brent Plays Art Tatum.mp3

JB plays Bud Powell.mp3

Brent plays Fats.mp3

Keyboard over "Weekend In L.A.".MP3


Boogie Woogie.mid

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