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Jeff Brent - Sax Teacher
California, USA
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(Alto & Tenor)

Beginner thru Advanced
Jazz, Blues, 50's, R&B, etc.

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Listen to Jeff's Sax Playing:

Jeff Brent Plays Alto Sax

Jeff Brent Plays Tenor Sax

I have toured all over the world as a professional musician.
I am the author of the music theory book
scales, modes & chords: the primordial
building blocks of music

Modalogy Book
(w/ S.Barkley)

also the author of these saxophone books:

FINGERING MASTERY for Saxophone - Volume 1: Scales
Fingering Mastery
For Saxophone - Volume 1: Scales

2014 / 440 pages

Jazz Saxophone Arpeggios
Fingering Mastery
For Saxophone - Volume 2: Arpeggios

2014 / 360 pages

The Quickest and Most Efficient Way to Master
Fingering Scales and Arpeggios on the Sax!

and a contributor to the best-selling bible of jazz theory

The Encyclopedia of Jazz Theory
for All Musicians

Curtis Brooks started sax lessons with me
as a teenager and look where he is now!
Tearing it up!

4:54 © 2014 Curtis Brooks

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