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People come to music for a great number of reasons, consequently
I tailor my lessons to each individual student's needs and wants.

We learn different ways. Some of us are more visual, some more tactile, some more intuitive, some more cerebral, etc. Understanding this allows me to adapt to each student's most natural mode of learning so that the material is grasped more easily (therefore more quickly), and so that it is retained longer.

I would be honored to share my musical experience and knowledge with you.

In addition to teaching Jazz Piano at all levels,
I also give lessons for the following:

(click instrument to listen)
Keyboards, Guitar, Sax, Flute, Bass,
Fiddle, Harmonica, Mandolin,
Theory, Ear Training, Composition, & Arranging

I have toured all over the world as a professional musician.
I am the author of the music theory book

scales, modes & chords: the primordial
building blocks of music

Modalogy Book
(w/ S.Barkley)

and am a contributor to the best-selling bible of jazz theory
The Encyclopedia of Jazz Theory
for All Musicians

(both books published by Hal Leonard)

More Instructional Music Books by Jeff Brent!

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